About Us

Bonga Metal, Steel and Industrial Services cc is a high profile Black Holding Company started in 2006 and it is based in South Africa, Mpumalanga in Witbank.
The company was established by Jollyboy Abram Mabena heading the company’s technical division.
Our staff is composed of youth, highly qualified and experienced workmen and individuals from previously disadvantaged background.

Our Mission


Our mission is to strive for the improvement of service delivery by making a positive and qualitative contribution in the transformation of the South African Business
Industry. The Company is also committed to providing prompt and excellent service to ensure satisfactory return to its shareholders as a global player in the supply and services markets.

Our Value Statment


Bonga Metal, Steel and Industrial Services is a company that is customer driven and committed to changes that are currently taking shape in our country. Change is
always a painful process which often challenges people’s ways of doing things. Bonga Metal Steel and Industrial Services particularly ensures that we understand
where our clients come from, thus making sure that our services is excellent. This builds trust between ourselves as a service provider and our client, and further
enhances our relationship.

Our Empowerment


Bonga Metal Steel and industrial services is owned entirely by black previously disadvantaged individuals. It is an affirmative action employer and its staff is composed of youth
and individuals from previously disadvantaged communities. As we grow we intend increasing our staff by employing more people from the aforesaid communities. Our company offers
training and skills development programmes to all its employees irrespective of experience.

Company Complaint

The company is employment equity act compliant in the sense that within the administrative board of the company there are women as required by the act.

Cost Of Service

Our rates and costs are determined by the volume and complexity of the work. For the accessories and equipment the cost is competitive and very much effective,
irrespective of size and quantity. We undertake to provide our client with detailed statements of account for work
done by us on a monthly basis or according to the duration of the work.

Our Policy


Risk management health, safety and environmental


Bonga Metal Steel and Industrial Services is conscious that in line with our risk management programme and the issue that we
perform work for the mining and industrial sector, our activities could have the potential to expose our employees and people
who may be directly affected by our activities, to health and safety hazards. All our employees have committed to:
-Ensure that we perform our work in such a way that we minimise the risk to the health and safety of employees
and people who may directly be affected by our activities.
Comply with all relevant health as safety specifications and environmental requirements.
-Wear protective equipment to fulfil our duties safely.
-Perform a high quality of work for our customers and ensuring that we adhere to their health and safety
procedures when we are performing work on their sites.
-Clean the sites where we perform our working order to eliminate scrap accumulation or any contamination to
the environment.
-Maintain a healthy, safe environment and quality programme that complies with all standards and legislation.
-To regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the system by observing them remedies if short comings are found.
-To report any situation which they are unable to deal with to our supervisor on site which they believe could
present a risk to themselves or any other person’s health, safety or to the environment or to the quality of their
-To give full commitment and continually strive to actively improve upon our health, Safety and environment policy


Company employment policy

Bonga Metal Steel and Industrial Services is aware that today’s customers are spoilt for choice and if the
service doesn’t attract their interest the company will fight an uphill battle from day one and the
business may never reach its true potential.
That’s why the company has employed highly qualified and experienced employees who are constantly
reminded that coming from previously disadvantaged background does not mean they will get hand-outs
but they will have to be hands on. Being hands-on means developing a service plan. This is a tangible
plan that sets out the ways and means to reach our customer and gain their undying loyalty by first
promising then delivering total customer satisfaction. This plan can be made possible by employees.

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