Bonga Metal, Steel and Industrial Services is a company that is customer driven and committed to changes that are currently taking shape in our country. Change is always a painful process which often challenges people's ways of doing things. Bonga Metal Steel and Industrial Services particularly ensures that we understand where our clients come from, thus making sure that our services is excellent. This builds trust between ourselves as a service provider and our client, and further enhances our relationship. Bonga Metal Steel and industrial services is owned entirely by black previously disadvantaged individuals. It is an affirmative action employer and its staff is composed of youth and individuals from previously disadvantaged communities. As we grow we intend increasing our staff by employing more people from the aforesaid communities. Our company offers training and skills development programmes to all its employees irrespective of experience.


We believe we have all it takes to qualify for selection into your company, we come from previously disadvantaged background. We have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to handle your work and instructions professionally. Bonga Metal steel and industrial services is fully committed to supply equipment, Material and services of the highest standard to our customers.

Because the company is customer driven we promise to:
Supply all material, Equipment and services at the best price. Perform work in an economically viable manner in order to ensure the continued existence of the company. Give the very best in quality and reliability. Give customer reliability at all times.

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  • ADDRESS: 22 Van Bruggen Street, Klipfontein, Witbank, 1039